Execution Unit Central Park is one of the last major urban pieces missing to develop in the city of Valencia. This area is characterized: by size, by its centrality, being located practically in the center of the city, because of its location near the hub of the greater metropolitan area of ​​Valencia, adjacent to some of the monuments and historical assets , artistic and cultural sites of the city such as North Station, the major routes in the Example neighborhood.

In March 2011, the “joint venture” formed by companies GUSTAFSON PORTER LIMITED – Pieper Borgos LIMITED – NOVA ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT SL – GRUPOTEC ENGINEERING SERVICES SL was awarded the international “Design and Drafting Residential Project Central Park”

Urban’s performance will provide the area of residential tertiary land and educational and social facilities. The project includes the implementation of Central Park, it is a green lung of 230,000 m2 structured around a network of walks that connect the surrounding streets both north-south and east-west. This network creates different spaces walks with a specific treatment based on the use of each of them, as the Garden of Aromas, auditorium or outdoor garden-orchard. In parallel to these routes, eight channels of water will tour the park and will lead to ponds and fountains.

Nova Engineering has performed the work of Project Management, Consultant Costs (planning and monitoring costs), and coordination and integration of projects of each of the members of the joint venture.