In Nova Engineering, we believe in the need to improve the sustainability of our society.

Our experience allows us to provide specific proposals to generate solar energy, environmentally and no longer dependent on government incentives to be profitable. We present a sustainable and profitable alternative to our customers, it also allows them to make visible in the market a position of environmental commitment. With this alternative, our customers can change their energy model and may start with a zero initial investment paying a monthly fee equivalent to the current cost of energy contracted with their usual electricity supplier. Once you pay the installation, the energy consumed is completely free and 100% clean. Nova Engineering oversees and runs the entire process from the study for each installation, project implementation, funding and commissioning and maintenance.

Why install a photovoltaic system in your company?

Why now? What has changed? Now we are in a unique time. Globally it is favoring the renewable energy market because the price of electricity produced by traditional methods continues to rise in a greater or lesser extent. In parallel the photovoltaic industry has matured a lot. The price of solar panels has dropped by almost 80% over the past two years and has improved efficiency. And to complete the picture, there is a clear commitment by many countries for this type of alternative energy, which takes specific form in legislation allowing economically viable implantation (without relying on official premiums). It has reached the point of actual encounter: Grid Parity). The own consumption of photovoltaic energy pays for itself without subsidies or grants. The photovoltaic current facilities get above 20% TIR (Transports Internationaux Routiers) with an easy maintenance and low investment.

Energías Renovables

The approach is very simple, we generate electricity with photovoltaic panels in parallel to the grid. We consume electricity produced with our installation and not buy into the network. It is a direct saving. And simultaneously the mains serves to support our network giving us the rest of the energy required for our system.

Photovoltaic energy must cover the regular consumption of our facility. The mains is just a complement in a peak energy demand or in days with bad weather conditions.

It is not to sell power to the grid with changing aid administration but not to buy a more and more expensive energy.

Sustainability: The society experienced a growing demand for the use of clean and renewable energies and a responsible and sustainable use of resources. With the use of solar energy, our customers become more competitive by reducing costs and demonstrating its commitment to the environment, reducing emissions, protecting the environment and contributing to social awareness for a better world