Our interest in building sustainability has led us to be consultants BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology). This is the most advanced method of evaluation and certification of the sustainability of the world’s leading building, with a history of over 20 years in the sustainable building market, contrasted with over 200,000 certified projects, and a network of more than 4,700 independent advisors recognized.

BREEAM  is a set of advanced tools and procedures to measure, evaluate and assess the level of sustainability of a building, both during design and implementation and maintenance phases and always bearing in mind the peculiarities of each main existing use (housing, offices, industrial buildings, health centers, schools, etc..).

BREEAM assesses impacts in 10 categories (Management, Health and Wellness, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Waste, ecological use of soil, Pollution, Innovation) allowing the certification according to different levels of sustainability, and serving both reference and technical guidance for a more sustainable construction.